The first ISfTE Annual International Seminar in Japan!

  • Joetsu University of Education

    Joetsu University of Education

  • Mt. Myoko

    Mt. Myoko

  • Natural Hot Spring

    Natural Hot Spring

  • Takanami Pond

    Takanami Pond

Welcome to the ISfTE (The International Society for Teacher Education) annual international seminar in Japan in May, 2018! It is honour for us to be the host of ISfTE international seminar which broadly deals with school education. This is the first time since the foundation of ISfTE in 1981 for the annual International seminar to be held in Japan. Through this opportunity, we hope to provide not only international exchange of research but also a platform for participants from around the world and the local community. By encountering globalism and localism in education and culture, we are expecting new ways for the development of public education and society exchanges in the future. We are also planning an enjoyable tour for the accompanying persons. We wish all of you can feel comfortable and enjoy your stay in Japan!

Kemma Tsujino



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ISfTE 2018 in Japan: Promotion Movie 

What is ISfTE?

International Society for Teacher Education

The International Society for Teacher Education (ISfTE) is an independent organization of teacher educators free of external political or economic controls. It is dedicated to the improvement of teacher education in all settings by fostering discussion, critical analysis, and dissemination of ideas from research and innovative practice in teacher education. Since 1981, the Society has met in different countries for an Annual Seminar lasting about five days at which participants present papers for discussion in small groups. The Seminars are based on a special format which encourages constructive dialog on contemporary issues in teacher education and is accompanied by experiences which help participants to understand the educational environment of the host country.
ISfTE is proud of its networking systems which facilitate scholarly professional activity. ISfTE networking includes an extensive International Educators Discussion List (group e-mail), its own Journal (JISTE) and frequent direct contact between members from many countries and institutions.
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