Route Information

I) Landing Tokyo

    There are two international airports in Tokyo. It will not matter which airport you arrive to.

    One is "Narita"(NRT), the other is "Haneda" (HND)



II) Take train to "Tokyo station"

- from Narita airport (NRT) : JR Narita Express (“N′EX”) = about 60 min.

- from Haneda airport (HND): Keikyu Line to "Shinagawa", and JR Line to "Tokyo"  = about 40 min.



III) Take bullet train "Hokuriku Shinkansen" to "Joetsu-Myoko" station

 i) from Tokyo Station, take the "Hokuriku Shinkansen" to "Joetsu-Myoko" station. = about 130 min.  

 ii) Then the bus for ISfTE delegates will meet you at "Joetsu-Myoko" station to pick you up.


(Picture resource)
  - JR Narita Express "N'EX":
  - Hokuriku Shinkansen "Hakutaka":


* Generally, you can buy the ticket at any station.

* The “JAPAN RAIL PASS” may be also useful for you:

* You'll depart from the same airport to which you arrived: "Narita"(NRT) or "Haneda" (HND).