ISfTE 2018 in Japan consists of not only "Key Presentations" and "Paper Group" sessions, but also "Special Session".

In "Special Session" we share educational landscapes in the world by international presenters with visualized movies about each country.

If you have any interest to be a presenter of your country, please feel free to write an e-mail to us ( isfte2018(at) ) until September 15, 2018.

Each presentation about a country is within 15 minutes including showing the movie (maximum 10 minutes) which you made. 


Schedule(13 - 18 May 2018) for the delegates


Schedule(13 - 18 May 2018) for the accompanying persons


The First Day - Special Session & Welcome Dinner

On Sunday, May 13 the first day of ISfTE 2018 in Japan we have a special session about 'World Education.' After the special session we will have a welcome

dinner. This will be held at a traditional Japanese restaurant with a 140 year history. This restaurant is designated as "National important cultural properties". Please enjoy your first night in Joetsu!

(National important cultural properties)

Ukiyo GateUkiyo GardenUkiyo Dinner Hall


World Education

At this special session we will learn about and introduce the differences between various countries educational culture and policies through an assortment of

videos. We will look at several videos of other countries’ educational environments. Through learning about other countries education, our hope is that it will be

beneficial to your own research.

(sample) Educational Landscape in Japan

We are looking for movies about about the education in your country, if you have a movie please send it to isfte2018(at)