Teacher Education in Post Nation State Era: Education for “Welfare” instead of “Warfare”


We are excited to announce that ISfTE 2018 in Japan is planned around the theme “Education for Global Welfare – Teacher Education in the Post Nation State Era.” As you, the conference participants, come from many countries, we will be able to draw upon your expertise as we explore key education questions in a global context.


“Warfare” vs “Welfare” National Educational Approaches.


As many countries have moved away from a warfare/border-conscious mentality toward one of promoting the welfare of their citizens, their education systems have followed suit. Global values, or the sense that “we are all in this together,” have affected these countries’ politics, economics, the environment, and so on, as well as their educational systems. One question for the Seminar to explore might be: How do educators and teacher educators design and implement public education models that reflects global values?


On the other hand, a number of countries are eschewing globalism and turning back to a more nationalistic way of thinking. This nation-centric approach is less likely to promote global welfare, as the countries’ education systems are inwardly-, rather than outwardly-focused. Other questions for the Seminar to consider could be: What can educators and teacher educators do to promote global values in nation-centric states? How can we redefine the terms we use in education, e.g., competency, standards, evaluation, professional development; to make them more applicable and useful in a global context?


ISfTE 2018 will offer an arena for discussion and reflecting on the above (and other) issues in teacher education. We will be bringing a variety of perspectives and experiences to the table as we share thoughts, ideas, concerns, and visions for the new world of global teacher education. We welcome your participation and hope to see you in Japan this May.


 Structure of Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentation A - Organisation [MEZZO]

How do we manage and change a modern school? - Education, Management, Politics

  • Hiroki Suematsu (Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan / school management)
  • Takahiro Tsujimura (Joetsu University of Education, Japan / educational administration)
  • Keiichi Kobayashi (Myoko City Board of Education, Japan/ Superintendent)


Keynote Presentation B - Profession [MICRO]

Teaching and learning - "How " and "for what"?

  • Shigeki Izawa (Nagoya University, Japan / educational philosophy)
  • Masami Kawano (Joetsu University of Education, Japan / educational method)

Keynote Presentation C - System [MACRO]

Boundary of public education - marginalised "Minority"

  • Mizuho Hara (Joetsu University of Education, Japan / intercultural education)
  • Sabine Meise (Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany / comparative education)